Where can I find Sikhi Books?

Amazon has massive catalog of books available but there are many other options to source books to read that are better from a cost perspective and don't skew towards newly published, mainstream books. Some key questions to ask yourself while figuring out where to source your book include: Do I need to own this? Will I read it more than once? Will I use it for reference purposes? Being able to search among the text can make a digital format preferable.

Finding books in-person

  • Local Gurdwara libraries.
  • Gurfateh Sewa Center, Sacha Sauda, Sikh Virasat. In the Greater Toronto area these three resource centres have books about Sikhi sourced locally and from Punjab.
  • Your local library.
  • The bookshelves of your families and friends. This is a great source for books that are no longer in print if they're willing to lend them.
  • Traditional book stores, including your local independent shops and larger chains. Each can order books on your behalf if they don't ordinarily carry a title.
  • Used book stores - out of print and rare books can be found in the religion section. Sikhi-books may be miscategorized or mislabelled and non-Sikhi books such as Sant Mat and other spiritual traditions may also be miscategorized as seen below.

Finding Sikhi books online

What others sources do you use?